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Custom Orthotics

A foot orthotic is a support or brace that you wear in your shoes.  A custom-made foot orthotic is a prescribed medical appliance that is custom-made to fit your unique feet and address your particular concerns.  At the North Toronto Natural Health Clinic we can order different orthotics to fit dress shoes, casual shoes, running shoes, cleats or even skates!  

There are a variety of reasons people get orthotics. The feet are the foundation of the body, and f the feet are out of alignment, symptoms may also be felt in the ankles, knees, hips or lower back.  At the North Toronto Natural Health Clinic, we will assess your situation, determine if your feet are contributing to your knee, hip or back pain and let you know whether custom-made orthotics would be beneficial for you.

Orthotics can relieve symptoms by reducing strain caused by excessive motion or by redistributing pressure away from sore spots. Orthotics can also improve function by supporting the foot in its proper alignment or in a more stable position. Numerous scientific studies show benefits from wearing orthotics, especially in cases of heel and arch pain.  

There is a difference between over-the-counter arch supports and custom made orthotics. Drug store inserts are generic, non-prescription devices that may help support and cushion your feet, but if your issues are more advanced, your symptoms may not resolve. Custom-made orthotics are made specifically for your unique feet!  At the North Toronto Natural Health Clinic we do a thorough biomechanical exam and gait analysis, and take 3-dimensional moulds of your feet to ensure we give you the correct prescription!