Complete Natural Health Care

Laboratory Testing

Lab testing is used to not only assess the state of a person’s illness, but, more importantly, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s overall health and potential vulnerabilities.

In order to create an individualized treatment plan, it is critical to know which body systems are stressed or out of balance. We will advise you of the tests that will provide important additional information to better understand your current state of health.

Many patients have recent lab results in their health record from their medical providers. This information is helpful and should be shared with the naturopathic doctor. If you have not had recent bloodwork done, standard tests can be ordered by our clinic through Lifelabs and Dynacare Labs. Please note, blood work ordered by Naturopathic Doctors is not covered by OHIP.


More detailed testing may be recommended for you. Some commonly ordered lab tests include:

  • Vitamin, mineral and amino acid nutrient status
  • Food Sensitivity testing
  • Heavy metal burden
  • Digestive function, candida levels, parasitology, and leaky gut tests
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Hormone levels, including thyroid and adrenal status, through blood, urine, or saliva
  • Comprehensive urinalysis
  • Hair analysis
  • Organic acids testing
  • Neurotransmitter testing

The information gathered through these tests will be thoroughly explained to you, and when taken in combination with your detailed history and a physical exam, enables us to more fully assess your illness and make an accurate diagnosis, getting to the root cause of your health issues.